Sometimes I wonder if we all aspire to our childhood dreams after all.
I have never been particularly active. What I can remember was myself as a quiet kid sewing alone in some corner at home.
Hiding all the conflicts, subversions and rebellion under a calm façade, the inner me itched restlessly in a fantasy world.
I did not want to do what others do, repeat the same routines or submit to some uniform concept.
Later I realized that was my way of being rebellious.

When I was a kid, every night before going to bed, I would hear the sounds of my mother working on the sewing machine interplay with the insects in the bushes, creating some kind of symphony-like rhythms.
For Jamei Chen, fashion is not simply a pursuit of forms, it is also a living attitude,
embracing deep, reserved emotions. It is like a kind of breath…

For me, designing is like a nostalgic secret.


Travel, music, art, literature, movies, graphics, textiles, food, utensils, walks, flea markets, plants, seasons…

My work, my life, my hobbies and my inspirations…
are forever interwoven, nurturing one another.

For me, clothes are not just a piece of gown;
They can present attitudes, expressions and all kinds of memories.
Fashion is an expression of art, while art enriches the life of fashion.

I have begun to believe that “the leisure of life matters more than speed,” and to believe in “the meaning of experiencing the progression.”


Simplicity and clarity are practical life philosophies. The elegance that shows itself from within simplicity and clarity is an illustration of living wisdom.
As casual as it may seem, it in fact defines the fluency in the lines.

Fashion is an attitude on attire so closely related to personal styles and characteristics.
What it manifests is the unique expression to each individual.
Conveying the most appealing human silhouette within simple, clear lines is what JAMEI CHEN considers the most challenging of fashion design.

JAMEI CHEN insists on using deluxe, exquisite materials to reveal elegant lines with stylish cutting, thus establishing the idiosyncrasy of the brand.