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Brand History





“Passage‧Scenery” 2016 autumn/winter fashion show

SEEING BY JAMEI CHEN established in Taichung Parkland by CMP Store. The integration of Art Director Quo Ying Sheng’s long-standing impressive works and spatial artist Nancy Hu’s profound selections was a depiction of the crossover of diverse aspects in the realm of aesthetics.

Launched the JAMEI CHEN ONLINE STORE, which sells the brand’s leather accessories

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“Goodbye‧Structuralism” 2015 autumn/winter fashion show

“African Voyager” 2016 spring/summer fashion show

Opened JAMEI CHEN in Kaohsiung Talee’s Department Store

The Da’an SOFT bear has returned from its journey and is arranged to stay on the roof long-term. It was named JAMEI BEAR

JAMEI CHEN・PAYSAGE officially opened in December in China’s Eslite Suzhou Store

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“Another Garden” 2014 spring/summer fashion show

“Island‧Baroque” 2014 autumn/winter fashion show

“Thé à la Menthe” 2015 spring/summer fashion show

Chosen among numerous world-famous brands to design XIAMENAIR’s 30th anniversary new generation cabin crew uniform

Redecorated Da’an SOFT collection concept store

Collaboration with Osteria by Angie, which was incorporated in Dialogue in Tian-mu

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Opened the JAMEI CHEN store in Eslite Songyan Store

“Travel Shows in the Drawer” 2013 autumn/winter collection

SOFT collection presented at Dialogue

“Passenger” 2013 spring/summer collection

Participated in the public art event “Very Fun Park 2013” launched by Fubon Art Foundation

Invited to the jury for APCS (Asia Pacific City Summit) “Kaohsiung Fashion Design Award” and VOGUE FNO 2013

Invited to the jury for “Taiwan Fashion Design Award 2013” launched by Taiwan Textile Foundation

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Moved the headquarter to No. 201, Sec. 6, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City

“Nostalgia Trip” 2012 spring/summer collection

Opened the JAMEI CHEN store in Hanshin Department Store, Kaohsiung

Opened the Taichung store

Opened a multi-purpose complex in Tian-mu

JAMEI CHEN 25th Anniversary show and exhibition

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Invited by the Department of Culture Affairs, Taipei City Government as the consultant on fashion shows for “the 7th Annual Chinese Character Festival”

“New Utopia” spring/summer fashion show

Opened the “JAMEI CHEN.MAISON” in Tian-mu, Taipei, a single-building store for five senses that comprises fashion, home decors, small performance space, dining and sales of cultural and creative works.

Opened JAMEI CHEN.Étoiles in Eslite Xinyi Store

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Launched “Hopeless Exile Genes fashion show” at Huashan1914 Creative Park in Taipei, and at the historic site Anping Tree House in Tainan, contributing to a successful fusion of art, historic site, fashion and culture.

Opened Tainan store

Opened JAMEI CHEN・Soft Da’an store

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“POP-Spring” spring/summer fashion show

“Reprise the 50’s” autumn/winter fashion show

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Invited by director Tsai Yueh Hsun to design police uniforms for the TV series “Black & White”:

Opened JAMEI CHEN SEEING at Taichung Parkland by CMP Store, incorporating the idea of theatre space into an emporium for the first time

Cooperated with the Department of Culture Affairs, Taipei City Government for the “See‧Classic” autumn/winter fashion show at Taipei Arena Ice Land

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First crossover collaboration with reputed visual artist Quo Ying Sheng

“Path‧Memories” Autumn/Winter fashion show

“20th Anniversary Classic Exhibition”

Brought the JAMEI CHEN brand to the perfect combination of art and fashion, inducing enthusiastic acknowledgements from both realms.

Starting 2008, Jamei Chen would choose visual artist Quo Ying Sheng’s works that fitted the seasonal theme, process them with special procedures and manufacture them into fashion accessories such as scarves, T-shirts and bags.

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“Light Angel” spring/summer collection

“Chevalier” autumn/winter collection

Invited to design the uniforms for Taiwan High Speed Rail staff

Invited to design uniforms for Grand Hyatt Taipei Cheers Bar staff

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“Wonderland” spring/summer collection

“Portrait of A Lady” autumn/winter collection

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Expressed seasonal design concepts by “themes” for the first time

“Sweet Dream” autumn/winter fashion show

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Launched custom-made haute couture formal gowns

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Designed costumes for “YiYi,” an award-winning film at Cannes Film Festival.

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Launched JAMEI CHEN・Soft home collection

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Opened a boutique on Da’an road, the district of fashion in Taipei. The merchandise comprised 50% formal dresses and 50% fashion

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Invited to New York fashion show

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Invited to Paris fashion show

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Keeping pace with worldwide fashion, the brand officially initiated its biannual fashion shows

Designed costumes for the movie “Red Rose White Rose”

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Incorporated Lycra fabrics in women’s fashion design to express the beauty of feminine curves. The designs were enormously admired by Taiwan and Hong Kong celebrities

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The brand “JAMEI CHEN” was established

Designs were focused on haute couture